Saturday, February 12, 2005

Begin the Beguine

Don't let this opening page and opening post fool you. This blog doesn't actually exist. In fact, I'd be hard-pressed to give any tangible idea of when it really will begin to exist. I'd give an ETA or and ETD for its official creation, but then somebody would show up and tell me that Creationism is just a theory and that G-D will bring this blog into the world when He/She/It is good and ready. And thus, in my first provisional post I've managed to delve into liberal sarcasm and blasphemy. I apologize.

For now, it's just an option I'm exploring. And I like to explore my options. I have many friends who have attempted to go down the blog path and the inevitable temptation is to begin with great flare, attacking myriad subjects on a daily basis and then dwindle to a post a day or then a post a week and finally you're not writing anymore because things in the -- heaven forbid -- real world are requring more of your attention. Hmmm... Knowing that, why am I bothering to even start? Geez, I wish I knew.

For now, let me just say "Hi" to anybody who's reading.

Oh and why? Why would you have read this far? I haven't said anything interesting or important or even tangentially amusing yet.

Someday, perhaps I will. If I ever find a format and a Mission Statement and a reason for doing this that seems appropriate for consumption by a nationwide audience, I'll write more. That's not a promise, mind you. It's just something I say. Don't forget to Check the Fien Print.

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