Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kevin Smith Wanted a Gayer 'Superman'

This is sortta a follow-up to one of my earliest blog postings back in February.

It was actually written for (SHAMELESS PLUG) the new "Press Junkie" blog that we'll soon be running over at Zap2it. It won't go live for a while (we're currently pre-populating it so that early visitors won't find only one or two posts), so I thought I'd post it here, just for a start:

"Clerks II" helmer and noted comic book enthusiast (and scribe) Kevin Smith was disappointed by "Superman Returns," but not necessarily for the reasons one might guess.

Back in February at San Francisco's WonderCon, Smith had a little good-natured fun at the expense of "Superman Returns" helmer Bryan Singer. After praising Singer's ability to weave a gay tolerance message into his two "X-Men" films, Smith said of "Superman," "I'm just gonna go into that movie looking for gay content. I won't be paying attention to plot. I'm just looking for long furtive glances between men. F*** Lois and Clark. I'm looking at Clark and Jimmy."

Now, promoting his "Clerks" sequel, Smith has to admit that his hopes were unfounded.

"No. It's not gay," Smith says. "I made a gayer movie than Bryan Singer. Like "Clerks 2" to me is a very gay movie, gayest movie ever made by a straight man, right down to the musical sequence. It wasn't very gay at all. I was kind of disappointed in its lack of gayness."

Of course, as a huge fan of the franchise -- and author of one of the earliest "Superman" drafts -- Smith went to "Superman Returns" looking for more than just gay content. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be quick with any praise. Asked how he felt about the movie overall, he pauses.

"You know. How does one put this? I'm just happy there was any Superman movie."

The assembled reporters are still waiting for him to say anything more positive.

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