Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today I Am A Blogger

First off, greetings to any new readers brought here by the story in today's "Studio 60" buzz story from the Los Angeles Times.

The story, written by Maria Elena Fernandez discusses the building and evolving word-of-mouth about the Aaron Sorkin NBC drama, suggesting that initial word on the script was all positive. Fernandez continues...

"Bloggers jumped into the fray: 'Every second of 'Studio 60' sounds like Sorkin and looks like Schlamme and thus it's all familiar and reassuring and intelligent and nowhere near as smart-seeming as it was back when 'The West Wing' premiered,' wrote Dan Fienberg of Los Angeles on his blog,"

That's me! To some degree, at least.

Part of me feels a bit like yelling, "Um... I have a day job, too." It's my day job (Hi, Zap2it!) that at least somewhat contextualizes the fact that I was watching the "Studio 60" pilot (which I largely liked -- or at least appreciated -- it should be noted) long before its release. There are plenty of random bloggers on the Net (industry types) who have gotten their hands on the pilot in other ways and written opinions. Regardless, what I do seems relevant to my opinion, at least if you ask me.

Another part of me is minorly perplexed because the Times and Zap2it are corporate siblings, under the Tribune thumb (Hi, Tribune! I Loves You!). For one Tribune employee to be quoting another Tribune employee without noting that she's quoting within the same corporate family seems a tiny bit problematic. But again, that's only if you ask me.

The biggest part of me, though, is just grateful that my quote didn't make me sound like an utter moron. It's a complete sentence and it successfully encapsulates my feelings about the show, which are neither rapturously positive nor particularly negative. Later in my posting on "Studio 60," I do list my desire to watch the show again as "Strong."

In any case, I fear that I may just have had an "I'm Taye Diggs" Moment.

[For more on I'm Taye Diggs moment, check out the Zap2it Press Tour Blog.]


  1. Anonymous1:45 PM

    dude. get over yourself. no one cares. and maybe she didnt reference Zap2It because it's not a real publication. maybe zap2it doesn't matter to anyone but the narcissistic asshole who blogs every opinion he's ever had and then blogs about being blogged about. take a long hard look into your hall of mirrors. self obsessed much?

  2. Anonymous4:19 PM

    What he's really saying is that the LA Times journalist overlooked him as a journalist to make a point about bloggers. And that it's especially odd because they both work for the same parent company.

  3. Anonymous3:17 PM

    The last time I checked 3.5 million users a month (which is what Zap2it has) definitely counts as a "real publication."