Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To-Do List for 04/05/06: Buy Comic Book, Celebrate Escalator Day

"ArchEnemies," in comic stores today from Dark Horse, is the best new comic I've read this decade. It may be the best new comic I've read in the past 20 years. Heck, it may be the best new comic I've ever read.

Am I so full of enthusiasm about this colorful little book because I spent two-and-a-half years in college rooming with "ArchEnemies" writer Andrew "Drew" Melbourne? Perhaps. Does it have anything to do with the fact that the last time I read a new comic book (I prefer anthologies) it featured the ThunderCats? Again, perhaps. However, those mitigating factors aside, how much do I like "ArchEnemies" for real? Well, I already have a copy in a rough stage, but I'm still gonna rush out and spend my hard-earned money to get a real copy and put it in mylar for safe-keeping. Just not today. Sunday looks good, I think. But you, anonymous reader? Get thee to a comic store. Now!

After all, what else were you gonna do on your Escalator Day? May your 04/05/06 be at least as good as 03/04/05 and far better than that dismal 02/03/04. Really, we're all just waiting it out until 12/13/14. Now that Escalator Day's gonna truly RAWK!

Incidentally, other possible names for Escalator Day include the more amusing, but also more obscure, Ziggurat Day. "Progressive Number Day" was just much too lame.

Now I'm off to ask my boss why Escalator Day isn't an official holiday.

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