Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ballad of the Flying Hedgehog

Some people attract money. Some people attract fame. Me, I attract Ron Jeremy.

I flew out to Charlotte, NC this afternoon (well, this morning and afternoon -- it's a long flight) and who should be on my plane, but the Hedgehog himself, Mr. Ron Jeremy. On its own, that would be a little amusing, because in person, the legendary porn star is every bit as scruffy, greasy and kinda unclean as you might imagine. He's the kinda guy where if you shook his hand, you'd look for some water and disinfectant and not just because he had sex with Traci Lords when she was 16. Jeremy set to sleeping immediately, complete with snoring and whatnot, which was very pleasant for my colleague Fred, who had the honor of sitting next to him.

The odd thing, is that this is the second time I've had the honor of flying with Ron Jeremy, which still isn't as cool as two Thanksgivings ago when I flew first class from Detroit to Los Angeles and was sitting next to Chris Klein and his then-fiance Katie Holmes. Ah, more innocent times. But anyway, the first flight with Ron Jeremy was from New York to LA a couple years back and he must have been hot off "The Surreal Life" or something then, because Ron Jeremy was flying first class back then. This time, he was flying coach and he had a middle seat.

How the mighty have fallen!

This may be the first flight to combine the celebrity powers of Ron Jeremy and Bonnie Hunt. Hunt, who's also in town for the "Cars" junket, *was* in first place and, if the flight attendants are to be believed, she was happily signing dozens of autographs. Good for her.

90 minutes until Idol. Heaven help us all.

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  1. I'm not a very lucky person, Heidi, but in this case, I was lucky enough not to get a first-hand (or first-nose) view of that particular aspect of The Hedgehog. But yes, it's a safe bet that his aroma wasn't what we common people would call "classy."