Monday, May 01, 2006

Encouraging 'Casino Royale' Teaser and Poster

If you haven't already, take a gander at the new French teaser for "Casino Royale," the new Bond film and the first to star Daniel Craig. I don't speak French, so minor parts of the teaser are a bit confusing to me, but if action is the international language, this is a really encouraging set of clips. I understand that the neat expressionistic black-and-white footage at the beginning probably isn't indicative of anything that we'll see in the movie, but Craig looks physically correct, impressively brooding and plausibly suave.

The first half of the teaser is better than the second, which dwells on the kinds of fireballs and chases that have to be part of a Bond movie, but don't necessarily interest me. And from what I can tell, there are only glimpses of Bond Girl Eva Green and no sight at all of Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter. Plus, the cheesy push-in at the end clearly isn't a shot from the movie.

But I'm encouraged.

I'm even more encouraged by the fact that the dweebs over a have been swift to take issue with Craig's appearance in the teaser, saying "Those who have been expecting that Craig would look out sorts as James Bond will not be disappointed. He couldn't look any worse."

The Anti-Craig Brigade adds, "To add insult to injury, Craig's first signature gunbarrel scene as Bond takes place not against a blank background as in the previous films, but in front of the tiled wall of a bathroom. Considering where we think this film is headed, this choice of settings is ironic to say the least!"

They should first be assured that just because the gunbarrel scene occurs in front of a bathroom wall in a teaser trailer doesn't mean that's what's going to happen in the real movie. They should also be instructed on the inappropriate use of the word "ironic." Sorry. Pet peeve.

Oh and has the first glimpse of the "Casino Royale" poster. I like that as well.

UPDATE: While I know this blog is particularly huge in French speaking territories (Quebec in the house!), the English-language trailer [at much higher quality] is HERE.

Got any thoughts on the teaser or the poster?

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