Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Idol" Results and Weekend Movies

My policy on Round of 24 "Idol" eliminations is simple: Provided the right 12 singers make it to the Top 12, there really isn't any point in quibbling with the specific details. Yes, this was certainly the correct week for Bobby and Stevie to be done. Probably Patrick and Becky went out a smidge earlier than was necessary, but who's to quibble? If it wasn't this week, it'd have been next week or the week after. Yawn.

Now if the American people had gotten rid of the adorable Nanny McPhee or the force of pure patriotism known as Taylor "The Gray Ghost" Hicks... We'd have to rumble.

Changing the subject, this isn't a particularly good weekend to be heading to the multiplex unless you happened to really really really love Tyler Perry's "Diary of a Mad Black Woman." Or unless your love for Paul Walker is entirely unconditional. I wouldn't recommend any of the three releases I reviewed this week and as low as my star-ratings are for each movie, I get the feeling that I may actually be being generous.

My Zap2it reviews for the week:
"Madea's Family Reunion" -- 1.5 stars
"Running Scared" -- 2 stars
"Dirty" -- 2 stars

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