Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Is This Heaven?

This is only tenuously related to entertainment, but I don't care.

How superior is it that the White Sox have a top pitching prospect named Ray Liotta? According to Baseball America, he's the No. 7 prospect in their system. That's not bad for a 51-year-old character actor.

Actually, this new Ray Liotta is a non-roster spring training invitee. He's a 6'3" southpaw and he was a second round draft pick in 2004. In all likelyhood, he'll be ticketed for AA this year, something like that. The dude plays for the wrong Chicago club, though, because it's the Cubs who have the AAA team in Iowa, which would have produced no end of "Field of Dreams" jokes.

On the other hand, how appropriate is it that one year after vanquishing the Curse of Shoeless Joe (who belongs in the Hall of Fame), there's an off chance that a Ray Liotta could make the club?

OK. Fine. I'm amused. Don't care if anybody else is.

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