Thursday, February 16, 2006

Moviewatch: "Thank You For Smoking"

"Thank You For Smoking"Director: Jason Reitman
Fien Print Rating (out of 100): 57
In a nutshell: Fits neatly in the ever-popular "People On Both Sides Are Hypocrites" genre of political satire in which the filmmakers sit in the corner and giggle because everybody's so darned silly as if that isn't the most obvious political position available. Does for smoking what "Citizen Ruth" did for abortion, but it's a tiny bit glossier, mostly because of the subject matter. It's frequently clever, often funny, but never actually smart. Aaron Eckhart's charm goes a long way and Rob Lowe's appearance as the head of a Hollywood agency is priceless. Oh and remember that story about the Katie Holmes sex scene that vanished from the film before a Sundance screening? It's back, but it's sure not worth seeing the movie for.

For a full review, check on Friday, March 17.

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