Sunday, February 26, 2006

Moviewatch: "Eight Below"

"Eight Below"
Director: Frank Marshall
Fien Print Rating (out of 100): 65
In a nutshell: There have already been more than a handful of movies this year in which I cared much less about the human protagonists than I cared about the dogs in "Eight Below." Unfortunately, one of those movies is "Eight Below." Given the success of "March of the Penguins" last summer, you'd have figured that somebody at Disney might have had the courage to attempt to cut Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Jason Biggs and the fantastically named Moon Bloodgood out of the movie entirely and just let Max and Mya and Shorty and Dewey and Truman and the rest of the dogs just carry the day. Whenever the dogs are on screen, "Eight Below" is fairly thrilling, in no small part due to Marshall's confident direction. The problem comes when Walker shows up and starts whining about finding his dogs. Yes, we know. Before you interrupted us, we were watching them. However, since Paul Walker is the above-the-title star, I guess he's contractually required to undermine the rest of the movie.

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