Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This Blog Has Been Rated "R"

I've never thought that any of my blogging activities were particularly mature or particularly directed at adults only, but you know who does think that? The automatic blog-rating generators over at Mingle2.

Like my own life, this blog is fairly lacking in graphic sex or nudity. I've intentionally softened my own occasionally coarse language so that I'm certainly no more foul than a PG-13 Adam Sandler movie. I don't smoke personally and I make sure that only the villains in my blog smoke and that when they do smoke, they're sure to cough excessively and say things like, "Damn, these things are killing me."

So why, then, does Mingle2 think my blog isn't suitable for folks under the age of 17? It appears to have something to do with excessive use of several ever keywords, particularly "murder" and "death." I think Mingle2 is taking exception to my noting of the passing of Peter Boyle, which feels harsh.

I apologize to impressionable readers for my seemingly excessive morbidity in these manners. In the future, I intend to deny the existence of death, treating the world with pre-"Bambi" innocence.

Thankfully, we remain PG-rated over at Zap2it's From Inside the Box blog. Whew.

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