Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Great Minds Agree: Kellie Pickler's Gotta Be Punking Us

In my recap last night, I mentioned my fantasy that Kellie Pickler is a college student at a tony Southern university and that all this talk of calimari and sal-mon and minks and puppies and incarcerated fathers and absentee mothers has just been a huge put-on.

I dunno who Leslie Gray Streeter is, but we share an opinion.

Oh and one thing I didn't mention in my recap that I wanted to: Did you catch the look of horror on Katharine McPhee's face when Ryan asked if she was pregnant and jokes that Kevin Covais might be the father and then we cut to the Spectacled Fetus yukking it up? It was a look that said, "Yo, Geek Boy, you're goofy enough to joke about, but don't start buying into the hype that you're some Doogie Howser-style sex magnet. I won't be your Wanda!"

It's time for the Kevin Covais backlash to begin. Possibly this evening?


  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    I did not buy Kellie's act from episode 1. It is obvious that the Idol producers are pimping her big time. The truth about Ms. Pickler is out there

  2. And while I'm glad that other folks have been skeptical, the stuff on that page is pretty, um, sketchy as far as reporting is concerned. So it's one person with an axe to grind and a bunch of unsubstantiated stories. When I started reading the link, I expected to get really annoyed at Kellie. Instead my reaction was mostly, "So what?"

    But thanks for bringin' it to my attention...