Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Helping My Former Roommate Find a Roommate

Do you live in Manhattan? I don't.

Do you need a roommate? I don't.

But if you do and if you do, you might wanna drop my former college roommate Andrew Melbourne (he calls himself "Drew" now, but don't believe the hype) a line. See, Andrew needs a roommate.

Don't believe me? Check his blog.

Andrew lives in Spanish Harlem and the rent seems to be relatively cheap. He's on the quiet side and, if 8 years ago was any indication, his hygiene and overall cleanliness was sub-par, but hardly sub-human.

Andrew thinks it's ironic that he's looking for a roommate, because Andrew also happens to be the author of a little comic book he likes to call "ArchEnemies." Now "ArchEnemies" is being released by Dark Horse Comics on April 4 (That's 04/05/06) and it's plot involves a superhero and a supervillian (clearly modeled after me) who are also enemies and roommates in their secret identities. The first issue is really funny and I'm not just saying that because one character is obviously based on me. That being said, I find it more coincidental than ironic that Andrew needs a roommate at the same time his comic about roommates is being released. Alanis Morisette, however, would probably be in Andrew's camp.

So in any case, visit Andrew's site if you feel like living in Spanish Harlem with a soon-to-be-indigent comic book writer. After all, who DOESN'T?!?!?

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