Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Name Is 'Idol' URL

In case anybody's curious as to how my "Idol" recap looks in its proper home over at Zap2it, here's the URL...


Oh and while I'm goin' URL crazy, you can also check out my review of "V for Vendetta," which is also already up at Zap2it...


We're currently in a star-less phase over at the site, but I'd be stuck somewhere between 3 and 3.5 stars in a 4-star system and right around 4 stars in a 5 star system. Give or take.

Oh and lest I be seen as a link whoore or a credit whoore or an "Idol" whoore or, well, any kind of whoore at all, you should check out by bud Alan's own "Idol" recap. That's assuming, of course, that you aren't either sick of "Idol" recaps or that you didn't get here via his page in the first place...


That's all my URLs for now...

1 comment:

  1. I'll definitely keep linking to the recaps here. And until Zap2it figures out how to get things posted a little bit swifter, I'll keep just posting the whole thing here.

    As for Katharine, first off she's totally not fat at all. Anybody sayin' *that* is just plain silly. I think the shape of her face has slimmed down a tiny bit since the early rounds. She was never exactly zaftig to begin with, but she was always healthy looking. She's a wee-bit less apple cheeked, which makes me a bit unhappy. Also, if I were a superficial person prone to noticing such things, I'd suggest that in the early rounds and perhaps in the Round of 24, she seemed to have a bit more of a rear, but that observation could totally be based around the way one's rump is displayed in jeans vs. one skirt vs. another. And I'd never think to make a value judgement on such a thing.

    And that's why I'm better than all those other darned commentators.


    But I kid...

    Thanks for readin' and commentin' !!!