Friday, March 03, 2006

Moviewatch: "Ultraviolet"

Director: Kurt Wimmer
Fien Print Rating (Out of 100): 15
In a Nutshell: Although the "Fien Print Rating" system is already fatally flawed (I know, for example, that I overrated "Freedomland"), we finally have an empirical truth: Milla Jovovich's belly and its constant cinematic exposure, is worth EXACTLY 15 points in my system. Wimmer's film is like "Aeon Flux"-lite, a genre that nobody requested and that, I'm willing to bet, nobody will respond to beyond a first weekend. However, Jovovich, like Luc Besson before him, is obviously in love with his star, at least to some degree. He shoots her in innane gauzy close-ups where her nose actually appears blurry (all of the other actors look normal) and he makes sure that her perfectly toned bod is exhibited in nearly every frame. The special effects are raw and the action sequences peak with the opening scene. That's a bad sign. Oh and it's interesting that this is a movie about a vigilante terrorist rebelling against a fascist regime and that the main character is often just called "V" (her name is Violet). Where have we heard that before? Thankfully, the movie is entirely unrelated to the far superior 1998 British series of the same name.

My Zap2it Reviews for the Week:
"Ultraviolet" -- 1 star
"16 Blocks" -- 2 stars
"Dave Chappelle's Block Party" -- 3.5 stars

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