Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Moviewatch: "Lonesome Jim" (plus a question)

"Lonesome Jim"
Director: Steve Buscemi
Fien Print Rating (Out of 100): 55
In a Nutshell: "Lonesome Jim" is a quintessential indie first film, yet another story of a sad man (Casey Affleck) returning home to his dysfunctional family (featuring Mary Kay Place, Seymour Cassell and Kevin Corrigan) and his pathetic small town (somewhere in Indiana here). The conceit is somewhat undone by the fact that this is Buscemi's third film and it actually marks an obvious technical and storytelling regression from "Trees Lounge" and "Animal Factory." This is a shambling tale of darkly comic misery and self-absorption and even when it works -- and it often does -- it's only on a modest level.

That capsule review is really just an intro to my Fien Print challenge for the day (that nobody will participate in, so who cares?): In "Lonesome Jim," the wee Affleck shares love scenes with Liv Tyler, who was last seen sharing love scenes with Ben Affleck in "Jersey Girl." My question: What other examples can anybody think of of actresses who have had varying degrees of big screen nookie with siblings. Probably to make things harder, it shouldn't be an intentionally skeevy scenario a la "The Fabulous Baker Boys."

So any thoughts?

Oh and my full review of "Lonesome Jim" will be up on Zap2it.com on Friday, March 31.

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