Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mini-Oscar Post-Mortem

I hate to say "I Told Me So," but back in November, before it became hip to think of "Crash" as being a major Oscar contender, I wrote a column for Zap2it banally titled "'Crash' and Burn" in which I talked about the film's simmering awards momentum. I explained why people were responding to the movie and vented just a tiny bit of my spleen about how bad a movie it is.

A quote from that column:
"It's not just that people out here spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, rubber-necking mangled wreckage as we wait for congestion to clear, or that we're too ashamed to admit that we find more in common with David Cronenberg's far superior film of the same name. It's more that "Crash" is a consoling pat on the back to a concerned multi-ethnic metropolis."

Oh well.

I just returned from the ceremony and I'm darned tired.

Here's my Red Carpet story. My backstage story will be up later tonight or tomorrow morning.

12 hours of work on a Sunday? And for this? Sigh. Off to sleep. Stupid "Crash."

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