Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ten Unused Headlines for Lisa Tucker's 'Idol' Elimination

Bye Lisa. We liked you so much in the audition rounds. Why were you such a dud when the pressure was on? Sigh.

The combination of Lisa's booting and her malleable last name is sure to yield at least some measure of headline writing fun.

My colleague Rick went with the reliable "'American Idol' Is All Tuckered Out."

Quickly, before my coffee settles in, here are a few alternative headlines that I welcome lazy copy editors to take advantage of while there's still time:

"Tucker Not-So-Ever-Lasting"
"'Idol' Voters: We're Gonna Git Ya, Tucker"
"With a Name Like Tucker She Had To Be Better"
"Tucker Free City"
"Tucker: The Woman and her Dream Deferred"
"Tucker? I Hardly Even Knew Her"
"Tucker Very Thin" (which I think may be a Mark Twain reference)
"There's a Tucker Eliminated Every Minute"
"Plucky Tucker Needs More Luck, er, Votes"
"Into the Frier, Tucker" (which I think may be a Robin Hood joke)


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    "America 'Tucker' out of the running, but at 'Lisa' she got this far."

    Too wordy?

    How about "We'll always have Paris?"

  2. I had "No New Lisa on Life for Tucker" at some point, but I thought better of it.

    But that opens up a whole Pandora's box of headlines that I want no part of.