Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol Party Gift Bag Contents

Just back from the party. In the 2:30 I was there, not a single person affiliated with American Idol even made it into the main party area. The contestants were stuck on an endless red carpet. Haley Scarnato? Far cuter in person. She should accentuate that more, rather than her voice. Jordin Sparks? She could take you out. Girl wasn't kidding about that football thing. Justin Guarini? Still alive. Just thought you might be relieved to know.

Because I'm sure *somebody* cares, the contents of the party gift bag:

1 XL Coca-Cola t-shirt (white)
1 L Shelby GT Ford t-shirt (black)
1 hankerchief/scarf thingie (pink)
1 American Idol picture frame (blue)
2 Hot Wheels Ford Cars (one Mustange, one Fusion)
0 Naked pictures of Antonella Barba
1 Ford-sponsored to-go coffee cup
1 Idol make-up mirror
1 Idol keychain
1 Idol inflatable beach ball
1 Ford-sponsored "What Does it Take to be a Warrior?" bookmark
1 Idol Beetle clip
1 Idol iPod mini case
1 Idol chapstick
1 Ford-sponsored deck of cards
1 Idol Season Six Elimination Scoreboard.

Good times!

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