Monday, September 24, 2007

The Migratory Pattern of Blogs

This is just a brief post to note some blogular variation.

Not, this sporadically updated piece of blogulosity isn't going any place, nor will its blogulacious content be changed, particularly as to its blogularity.

No, this is just a quick notification to anybody who has previously sought out at least one daily recap over at Zap2it's From Inside The Box blog (p.k.a. "Gwyneth"). Starting today, recaps no longer live in Gwyneth. No, Gwyneth will be the home to periodic interviews, features, commentaries and other general observational things from Team Zap2it.

All daily (nightly?) recaps can be found in a new blog titled It Happened Last Night. Thanks to the classic '80s film "...About Last Night" (and thanks to a graphic featuring a sleeping naked woman), one might think that the new zap2it blog is all about one-night stands and a naked, young Demi Moore. Alas, tisn't the case.

In the place of those things, though, you can find things like my recap of tonight's episode of "Prison Break," already posted HERE.

Stay tuned, meanwhile, to this address, for a review of "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford," which will be available just as soon as it is.

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