Friday, November 02, 2007


The Writers Guild of America announced on Friday (Nov. 2) that a general strike will begin on Monday morning at 12:01 a.m.

Over on Zap2it, we've got a pile of general strike coverage (courtesy of our better sourced corporate siblings at the Los Angeles Times).

For well-reported updates on the strike, check out Nikkie Finke's blog (assuming she isn't busy ridding the world of torture porn).

And for smart words with a personal and historical POV, there's always Ken Levine.

The first thing the Writers Guild should do on Monday is figure out whoever wrote the Keanu Reeves vehicle "The Replacements" and string 'em up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Check the Fien Print opposes lynching in all of its forms, but I bet a sports movie about loveable underdog scabs breakin' hearts, causin' trouble, playin' slap-ass in the locker room and underminin' the efforts of a labor union doesn't seem quite so whimsically hilarious this week.

To be fair, it never actually seemed all that hilarious.

Professionally, I'm a neutral observer.

Personally, I was raised on Pete Seeger and Sy Kahn. Keep the faith, WGA.

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