Friday, July 03, 2015

Time for Check the Fien Print to return!

Greetings, old chums!

Perhaps by now you've read about my departure from as of Wednesday, February July 8.

No? Please read!

As I figure out what comes next, I expect that this is where I will look to post periodic reviews, thoughts and whatnot.

I may even try to change the design a tiny bit, though after 13 consecutive years of working on the Internet, it has become well and truly clear to me that I don't have a clue about how the internet works.




  1. Anonymous5:25 PM


    Happy Independence Day! Fine sir!

  2. February 8th wasn't even a Wednesday! I don't know if I can read a blog with so many errors!

    Just kidding and good luck!

  3. Fiiiiiine... I'll correct typos here, too...


  4. I kind of love how the blog goes from "Hitfix is now live" in 2008" to "So...that happened." today, like the worlds more jarring jump-cut.

    All that's missing is a Jack Paar-esque "As I was saying before I was interrupted." :)

    Glad to know we'll be able to follow you hear until you find a new roost. Looking forward to this year's pilot roundups. :)